Crytpocurrency securely publishing audio, video and streaming media for users incentivized by tokens.

Secure Publishing

Mediacoin is patent pending for a revolutionary digital publishing platform using military grade cryptography. Our competitors have allowed content to be easily downloaded, but with Mediacoin, content is encrypted using anti-piracy software. Downloading the content simply yields a locked file with no key.

Industry High Artist Payout System

All revenue generated from the content goes directly to the artist's network. This includes referrals, playlist curators (DJ's), and data hosts (seeders) and is done automatically with the artist choosing the rate per play or per view. Competitors often charge $50 to $75 per artist with additional fees every year.

MediaCoin Token

The MediaCoin Token will be available to purchase and sell on major exchanges. There will be two versions of the MediaCoin Token identified by the blockchain the token operates on; Ethereum Classic (QMCT), and Ethereum (QMCTe). Both are ERC-20 tokens, and users will be able to sell tokens from the MediaCoin Platform paying only exchange fees (commonly 0.1%-0.3%). Videos and blog tutorials on and off of the platform will aim to guide users on the correct use of cryptocurrency technology.

All In One Solution

Buying and selling MediaCoin Tokens from MediaCoin directly will be a seamless process, unlike that of cryptocurrency exchanges. No confusing wallet addresses, restrictions, or worry. Just use your credit/debit card, or paypal account to purchase or sell MediaCoin Tokens whenever you would like. Our goal is to make operating on the MediaCoin Platform as easy as checking out at your local grocery store.

No Subscription Fees for Users

In order to remain profitable, our competitors must overcharge the majority of their users to account for those that use the platform more frequently. The MediaCoin Token ensures that every single transaction costs exactly what it is worth, without possibility of even a fractional overpayment. Our pay-per-play system is designed to have minimal cost to increase the content the user is able to view.

Freemium Incentive Program

A reward program is in development, including videos from advertisers and mobile games from reward partners, to reward users for participating. Every opt-in behavior completed will earn the user a small amount of MediaCoin Tokens to be used for purchasing content.

Content Licenses

The MediaCoin content licenses will extend far past audio files. We plan to be a full host for all digital content including TV Shows, Movies, Anime, Music Videos, Vlogs, and otherwise censored content. All content on the platform will be flagged under properly descriptive tags to aide in parental controlling. We are currently under negotiation to license over 20 million songs on a pay-per-play basis.

Growth and Value

The hard cap for tokens, on both ETC (QMCT) and ETH (QMCTe) is 1 Billion, with only 100 Million of each available during our fixed price token sale. The remainder of the tokens will be released through direct sales (above market price), promotional rewards to existing users by percentage (1% tokens released to existing holders if needed to meet economic targets) and for growth of the network through public bounty programs. Continued growth and development is an essential piece of our sustainability, and a pillar of our long term strategy.

Pricing Goals

Contrary to popular belief, a large increase in token price through speculation is counterproductive to our network. To reduce volatility and the potential for a sharp decline, we will provide exchange liquidity, limit news events, and restrict announcements to a predictable cycle. We hope our consistent business practices yield a peer based trading network with limited supply, deep yield reserves, stable token price, and steady trendlines.

Future Safe

The future plans for MediaCoin include tunneling technology requirements that will enable access anywhere a wifi, satellite, or cellular network is available. OpenWRT Router upgrades will allow secure tunneling using MediaCoin Tokens (QMCT or QMCTe) on a pay-per-MB access program. This program will enable users to purchase or sell data from one device to another using bluetooth transmission, paid per MB at user rate. Critical areas without hotspot access such as airports, hotels and sporting events will be targeted with a secure "peer to peer tunnel" fallback if needed using available networking bandwidth. Additionally, to proactively combat the threat quantum computing poses to cryptography, MediaCoin is currently developing a Quantum-Safe blockchain that is based on go-ethereum. Further details on Quantum-Safe cryptography are available in our Whitepaper.

“MediaCoin is destined to become artists first choice for secure publishing, distribution and payment.”

Overall distribution of remaining token after Fixed Price Token Sale:

Budget Scaling with commuinity support
  • We'll get there, eventually
  • Volunteers and tokens only
  • Tokens for development via bounty
  • 1 dedicated server, 10-20TB data storage
  • 200K
  • 2 dedicated developers
  • Marketing promotional budget for user and content
  • Multiple servers, 100-200TB data storage
  • 1 Exchange listing fee
  • 500K
  • 5 dedicated developers
  • Accelerated Quantum Safe Blockchain development
  • Funding for University Math and Cryptography research
  • Simultneous iPhone and Android client development
  • Initial content licensing
  • 2 Exchange listing fee
  • 1 MILL
  • Simultaneous development of Software Licensing features
  • Develop shareware and heartbeat systems using the same token
  • Data and Bandwidth sharing for iPhone and Android
  • Duplicate effort to include Microsoft Edge Support
  • Cross blockchain transactions
  • Additional content licensing
  • Additional servers and storage
  • 3 MILL
  • Simultaneous development of wifi router for selling bandwidth
  • Contribute to development of related protocols to accelerate ecosystem
  • Additional Funding for University programs
  • Ebook development and partnership programs
  • 1 year budget reserve
  • 5 MILL
  • Additional initial content
  • Additional support for cross-blockchain transaction
  • 2 year budget reserve
  • 10 MILL